Photorejuvenation – Pure Therapie – Paris 1

What is photorejuvenation ?

The photorejuvenation is a treatment with lamp flash with intense pulsed light ( IPL) which consists in shading off the misdeeds of time or the cutaneous problems of the skin of the bare parts of the body such as the face, the neck, the back of hands or the low neck. Thus erasing the skin complications, photorejuvenation can find a rejuvenated complexion resulting in a renewed radiance and better skin elasticity.

Why photorejuvenation treatment ?


Photorejuvenation has many immediate esthetic benefits :

– It removes the brown tasks and the red patches.

– It evens the complexion of the skin.

– It softens fine lines and first signs of aging.

– It makes the skin elastic and thinner.

All these effects are immediate and right from the first treatment. However repeated sessions present a significant interest : indeed, a treatment performed on the length causes the production of new collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid agents known to densify the dermal tissue and thus allowing it to be more more resistant in front of agents of the ageing (sun, cold, dehydration, …).  That is why it is recommended to realize approximately 4 or 6 sessions spaced out from 15 days to 1 month to obtain an optimal result which lasts.

How takes place a session of photorejuvenation ?

Thanks to the technology PhotoFacial, we emit during a short lapse of time an intense pulsed light with a composed crystal next to the skin. The treatment lasts so 30 minutes and the application is totally painless and without risks for the skin. Besides it is possible to go back to any social and occupational activity after a session.


It is dissuaded to resort to a photorejuvenation after a strong sun exposure or an exposition in UV cabin. Also the grip of complements favoring the bronzing or the grip of medicine photo-sensibilisants is to be avoided before a session of pulsed light.